Solar PV systems save you money

Financial Benefits – Rewards Now

Installing a solar PV system in your home is an excellent long-term investment in your property. As soon as it is installed you start saving money on your electricity bills and receive a payment for generating electricity from your roof.

The payments you receive, plus the savings you make will pay off the whole cost of the installation in less than 10 years and over the longer term will give an excellent return on your investment.

To calculate the benefits of installing Solar PV you can use this on-line calculator from the energy saving trust.

NB: This calculator does not allow for inflation or increases in energy costs

For the best return on investment, the solar panels should be south facing and relatively free of shade. If you are in London or south east England, we can perform a free survey to find the best location for your solar panels.

Climate Change – Future sustainable earth

It is becoming hard to accept that the freak weather is just accidental -- Flooding in England, Storms devastating New Orleans or New York. Are these just normal? Maybe the Arctic ice would melt in summer without help from the greenhouse gasses but I doubt it. It has been said that the greatest threat to mankind on this planet is not war. It is the extreme climate conditions that will exist if we do nothing about the over use of fossil fuels and the uncontrolled emission of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere.

Every person on this planet has a responsibility to keep our environment clean and sustainable. Our grandchildren will not thank us for leaving them to clear up the mess we are making of their future. A long journey starts with one step. Please help us to take that first step of the journey into a sustainable future.  

Next Steps

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