Schema showing how the Solar PV system works in harmony with the grid

What is Solar PV?

A Solar Panel System installed on your roof will turn your house into your own personal small scale generating station. Solar Panels generate electricity from sunlight. After first being used by the NASA space missions years ago, solar power has come down to earth and is now available for you on your own house.

Apart from the solar photovoltaic array on your roof, and the drop in your electricity bill, you will not notice a difference in the function of your house. People enjoy watching their small scale solar electric generator produce green electricity. They normally find that they start using a bit less electricity because of the new awareness of their consumption, adjusting the use of electricity, such as running the washing machine for free on a sunny day.

Solar electrical power is a brilliant idea. This is your opportunity to join in and generate green electricity helping to reduce our carbon footprint and receiving a payment for your Small Scale Electricity Generator SSEG

Installation is easy to manage and the PV systems are suitable for most buildings. However, they can only be installed by MCS certified installers. Systems not installed by MCS installers using MCS approved products do not qualify for "Feed-in Tariff" payments from your electricity supplier.

Benefits of Solar PV

Not only will you experience a reduction in your electricity bills but will also minimise the impact of rising energy costs over the coming years.

Solar PV systems have no moving parts, are noiseless and require very minimal maintenance.

An energy saving solar PV installation adds value to your property and addresses energy efficiency aspects of the EPC when selling.

You reduce your carbon footprint on the planet by up to 482kg for every kilowatt of PV installed.

You are investing in a highly reliable system which has a typical lifetime of 20-30 years.

The warranty can be passed on to the new owners when you sell your house.

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